Recent statistics show around 14% of all deaths in reported road traffic accidents in 2013 involved at least one driver over the drink drive limit.
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Alcolocks Prevent Drink Driving…

Alcolock®GB  knows how important driver safety is to you, for the care of your staff, the wider public and your corporate reputation.

Fitting the Alcolock®GB  system  will give you security that anyone driving one of your vehicles is below the pre-set limit and are not impaired by alcohol.

The Alcolock®GB product uses latest technology and manufactured by Lion Laboratories, leaders in the field of breathalysers, in fact the world’s first to produce Fuel Cell based electronic breathalysers.

The Alcolock® DS® -10

A tethered alcohol breathalyser immobiliser that prevents the driver of any type of vehicle from driving while over the legally allowed alcohol limit. The unit contains specific electronic counter measures to prevent circumvention by mechanical means and only accept human breath samples.

The Alcolock® system consists of two parts;

• The alcohol breathalyser unit into which the driver provides a breath sample
• The immobiliser that will prevent the vehicle from starting if the breath sample provided is above the set limit.

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Keeping Track of Data

All vehicles in a company fleet can be linked to a ‘live’ monitoring system so in the event of a driver failure a contingency plan can be implemented quickly. This is done using;

• Live internet data monitoring
• Immediate text/email message to relevant personnel

• Driver recognition


Breathalyser Integration for Key Management Cabinet Manufacturers

Alcolock®GB supply leading manufacturers in key management cabinets with the Lion DS®-15 alcohol breathalyser.

We can integrate our product to ensure a breath test is given before keys can be released. We can also release information from the breathalyser for any reporting system you may operate.

This solution is ideal for those operations that start and finish to/from base such as; distribution centres, couriers, plant vehicles and fork lift trucks.

The robust design of the breathalyser, intended for the industrial marketplace makes this application an ideal partnership.

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Wall Mounted Breathalyser Unit

Wall mounted alcohol breathalyser with data management capability suitable for traffic and safety critical operations. This latest device is to combat ‘the morning after’ alcohol problem, and is the perfect scenario for businesses of any size which either operate vehicles or machinery. Using this wall mounted device the user can be breathalysed very quickly and identified by using their personal ID button. All data is stored on a dedicated site, which can be viewed by username and password. Furthermore the breathalyser can be set to a ‘pass/fail’ level which complies with your company policy. Exceeding this level will send both text and email alerts. This unit comes with 25 mouthpieces ready to attach on the wall with one year warranty. All you need to do is to plug it in to the mains and use it.

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“National Express’s main priority is the safety of our passengers and we have invested heavily in ensuring that safety is never compromised. Alcolock® forms an integral part of our driver monitoring system and is mandatory for any new coaches coming onto the network.”

Chief Operating Officer – National Express