The Alcolock® DS®-10 is a tethered alcohol breathalyser which is connected direct to a vehicle immobiliser. This unit is designed to prevent any driver from starting the vehicle while over the pre-set alcohol limit, by giving a simple breath sample.


System operation

From a breath sample, the Alcolock® measures the amount of alcohol present which must be under a pre-set level to enable the vehicle to operate. The Alcolock® can be configured to accommodate any level from zero alcohol present, through to the legal limit, depending on the policy of the company or organisation. In the event of the Alcolock® detecting an excessive alcohol reading and the vehicle being immobilised, the system will re-set itself and be ready for a further breath sample to analyse. As soon as the Alcolock® reads a sample under the pre-set limit the vehicle will start and be able to operate normally.

Installation and Support

Our installation team can operate either by day or night and generally fit the product at the customers’ premises at the most convenient time, ensuring the least disruption to vehicle timetables. Installation takes approximately two hours after which our specialist engineer will run through the operating procedures with any relevant personnel. We also offer a support service and in the unlikely event of a problem of any sort, the call centre will be able to access the exact details relating to a given unit from the device code which is on the handset.


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