alcolock-wall-mounted-breathalyserWall mounted alcohol breathalyser with data management capability suitable for traffic and safety critical operations. This latest device is to combat ‘the morning after’ alcohol problem, and is the perfect scenario for businesses of any size which either operate vehicles or machinery. Using this wall mounted device the user can be breathalysed very quickly and identified by using their personal ID button. All data is stored on a dedicated site, which can be viewed by username and password. Furthermore the breathalyser can be set to a ‘pass/fail’ level which complies with your company policy. Exceeding this level will send both text and email alerts. This unit comes with 25 mouthpieces ready to attach on the wall with one year warranty. All you need to do is to plug it in to the mains and use it. Once it is installed and in operation, we can take care of all SIM costs and calibration. The cost of using this system is pence per test.

Technical Specification

Lion DS-10 Breathalyser and holder
T20 GSM unit complete with antenna and SIM card
Driver ID reader
LED to visual alert any over limit tests
Mounted in a hard case 200mm x 150mm
4 x fixing points

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